SSD Upgrades

Solid State Drives (or SSDs) can make an older computer feel like a brand new one, and the prices for these magical upgrades are continuing to fall.

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How to Shut Down Windows 7 Without Installing Updates

Ever needed to shut down a Windows 7 machine, but didn't want to wait for updates to automatically install?

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HomePod Review

On Monday 18th June, Apple released their smart speaker, the “HomePod”, in Canada.

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How to Disable UAC Windows 10

Disable User Account Control (UAC) with this clever registry hack.

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US Announces Fastest Supercomputer

Is 200,000 trillion computations per second fast enough for you?

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Microsoft’s Underwater Datacenter

What better place than under the sea to cool down a bunch of servers!

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Improve your Cell Coverage with WiFi

Learn how to use your home Internet connection to improve your cell service.

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Reboot a Server Stuck on Installing Updates

We give you a solution that doesn't involve pulling the power!

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