iCloud Photo Backup

This time I’m going warn you about a potentially devastating flaw.

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Scamming the Scammers

One of the most popular (and most lucrative) techniques being used by scammers is pop-ups that take over your screen and warn you that you have a virus.

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Battery Tips

Without batteries, we’d be tied to sitting next to a power socket all day.

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How to insert a euro symbol into Word

Ever needed to use the Euro symbol in Microsoft Word?

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Dropbox Stuck Connecting on Mac

Today I found that Dropbox on my Mac was stuck "connecting"?

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Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Review

This is a review of the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm - quite a mouthful isn’t it!

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Recent Blackmail Scams

Yet again there’s another scam doing the rounds and this one is a particularly nasty form of blackmail.

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SSD Upgrades

Solid State Drives (or SSDs) can make an older computer feel like a brand new one, and the prices for these magical upgrades are continuing to fall.

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How to Shut Down Windows 7 Without Installing Updates

Ever needed to shut down a Windows 7 machine, but didn't want to wait for updates to automatically install?

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