Netflix Canada increasing pricing

Netflix Canada is increasing their subscription fees again.

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What’s Coming to Netflix Canada in December

Find out all the latest movies and programs coming to Netflix this December in Canada.

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Windows 10 Upgrade Fails – sihost.exe

sihost.ext Unknown Hard Error after Windows 10 Update

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Why Do People Write Viruses?

Why do people write viruses and what’s to gain from spam messages? 

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Facebook Image Analysis

Just the other day I discovered something behind the scenes on Facebook pages which came as quite a surprise!

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Norton ConnectSafe Discontinued

Unfortunately Norton have announced that they’re discontinuing the service as of the 15th November!

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CRA Scammers Caught

We finally have some good news in the fight against spammers and scammers!

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Regain Control of your Home Network

A common problem I find is that home networks are getting larger and more complex.

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Facebook Scam Update

I’ve talked about this previously, but unfortunately this scam has returned with a vengeance!

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CRA Phone Scam

If you have a cell phone or land line, chances are you’ve received a call from the CRA saying that you owe taxes.

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