If you haven’t yet heard of the beatcancer campaign, it’s aim is to make #beatcancer a world record trending topic. 


With donations from corporations such as Paypal and Qualcomm for each Tweet, blog post and Facebook mention, the goal is to raise money for charities supporting Cancer.


Started 2009

The project first started in 2009 when #beatcancer became a Twitter trending topic and featured on Mashable :


However if you take a look at the comments on this post, there is doubt about whether the project is a hoax or not.


Looking for proof

I like the idea of the project (having lost a good friend recently due to cancer) and spurred on by a tweet by the UK Dragon Den’s Duncan Bannatyne decided to investigate.



It turns out that #beatcancer coincides with (and is triggered by) Blogworld – a yearly Social Media conference held in Las Vegas.

Attending this conference is Judy Chang from PayPal’s nonprofit team.   Judy wrote a post on the official PaylPal blog on October 14th announcing the start of this year’s attempt at the record breaking charity project





Further evidence of Paypal’s involvement comes from the official Twitter account of Paypal:


So it looks like the charity project is indeed for a good cause!   Here’s hoping they beat last years record and raise lots of funding to help Beat Cancer!!