If you take a look around the Bell Canada site, there is no longer any sign of Windows 7 Phones?   In fact if you search for WP7 – you end up with a link to the HD7, however this results in the following message:




So what’s happening?    There appears to be a general lack of interest between Canadian carriers to support the platform, who instead are focusing on iPhone, Android and RIM?

Take a look in retail stores and there are little or no signs of any Windows Phone 7 devices.   The only units I’ve found have been mislabelled as running Android!

So are the carriers finally dropping support for Windows Phone 7, or simply clearing stock ready for the imminent arrival of Mango devices?

Nokia has stated that they’ll be bringing WP7 Mango devices to Canada in 2012, however there’s no confirmation on dates, carriers or models yet?     How long will consumers be wiling to wait for WP7 before giving up and going with a different platform?

Are Microsoft and the device manufacturers going to miss their window of opportunity to establish a WP7 Mango presence in the Canadian mobile marketplace?