If you’re working in the area of Search Engine Optimization in Canada, Hitwise has recently released a report on how search statistics for Canadian users.

The key findings in the report are:

1) Search Engines account for more than one third of all upstream visits in Canada

2) Google holds an 80% share of Internet searches in Canada

3) Most popular searches are for Social Networks, Retailers and Games

4) 51% of Canadian searches contain only one or two words

5) 30% of Canadian searches were not successful


I find point 5 of particular interest to SEO in Canada.  The report explains how the success rate is much higher on searches that include the word “Canada” in the searches.  

To me this tells me that many Canadian sites aren’t using SEO techniques to target geolocational searches?

Interestingly, Canadian searches were more successful on Bing.


You can apply for the free report here: