Further investigations into the virus phone scam affecting users in the UK, shows calls coming from 0208 144 5602.   This number leads to Online PC Masters:


PC Masters have been mentioned numerous times by people receiving calls about the blue bird virus.

Now this is where the new Google image search becomes really useful.   If you’ve not seen this yet, Google images now allows you to search for similar image.


Simply drag an image in from your desktop – or even direct from another website and Google will give you results similar to the image.

Interestingly, the picture of “Dave from Harrow” giving a testimonial on the front page is a stock photo from istock.  Somehow I doubt he’s from Harrow?

Searching for the logo also leads to asianstuff.co.uk which has an identical website with the same telephone number.

Both these sites are registered to an address in Luton, which from Google maps doesn’t show any sign of them:



So if you receive a call from 0208 144 5602 claiming to be either from Microsoft or PC Masters, hang up!