Things are certainly starting to come together for Google in the Telecoms arena for 2010.    The impending release of the Nexus One – Google Phone could be their foot in the door for greater things to come.   By selling the phone direct to customers, they’re gradually becoming another Telco.   

“But they still need the networks” (such as T-Mobile) you might think?

That may change in 2010 as Google Exec Bradley Horowitz  confirmed that following the purchase of Gizmo5 – they’re moving into the VoIP market.  

So now you’ll be able to make VoIP calls on your Nexus One over WiFi.  Let’s face it – anyone with one of these handsets is probably going to have WiFi at home, and in their workplace, so the phone only needs to “hand-over” to the traditional networks whilst travelling.

I can see the VoIP, mobile market taking place of traditional fixed wired phone connections, and once again – google will be the dominant player.

Call me cynical, but I wonder how they’re going to fund the service?  Adverts at the start of each phone call?   Maybe there will there be a free service where you allow Google to index your calls?