Looks like the problems with twitter timing out on Eastlink are still ongoing.   Many twitter users are reporting problems both the twitter site, and API calls via tools such as tweetdeck?

Although the previous post mentioned a fix of using Google DNS – others who are on Eastlink and are using OpenDNS are experiencing the same issues.

Oddly – a few people who are using Eastlink at work are ok – does this point to Eastlink throttling home users and not business users?

Using Google Update Search shows a growing trend of Eastlink users having trouble with Twitter.



A number of people have contacted Eastlink now to report the problem, however they’re currently denying that the problem is with them.   Comically @brightwhite tweeted that the support representative asked what the URL was for twitter…

The contact details for Eastlink can be found here – Eastlink Support.  The more people who contact them – the more likely they are to take this seriously.


A search on Twitter shows there are plenty of people seeing the timeouts – here are only a few of those reporting problems so far :

@6matguy6, @Alpha_Computer, @auroranine, @azuretan, @bitdepth, @BobbyOK, @brightwhite, @cbsmken, @concreteorange, @CoyMoore, @cre8tiveCandy, @dev0kan, @gambil73, @giftedtypist, @grantisagrant, @heff87, @HerbedKitchen, @iTeedee, @JayGilmore, @jmprmt, @JohnPercyGPNS, @katie_go, @Lavender_Lines, @mynameismoe, @opelious, @ScotiaWeb, @tjgillis, @trvordelaney


Surely this is enough proof for Eastlink to accept there’s a problem?


If you have any further information – please leave a comment and let us know.