I started seeing several warnings on different PCs from the Trend Micro Web Reputation service this morning.   All warnings pointed to http://public.bay.livefilestore.com as the source.

My first thought was that it was a new virus outbreak that had infected several PCs so I got stuck in and started to investigate.

All virus scans on the local PCs were coming back clean, so something else must be going on?

Eventually I tracked it down to Windows Live Messenger as I discovered that Livefilestore.com is a Microsoft site used for file storage in the cloud.  

When you have the Windows Live Messenger main window open – you’ll notice that towards the bottom of the window is the “What’s new” section.   This section has constantly changing updates from your contacts.

What I discovered was that the virus warnings were appearing just as certain “what’s new” updates cycled through.   It looks like Trend is blocking livefilestore.com which is used to store photos which are then previewed through messenger.

Until Microsoft and Trend sort this issue, you can click on the icon of a spanner next to the What’s new” heading and deselect updates or block updates from specific people.

Alternatively you can just close the main messenger window as this stops the warnings too.