Had a tough time yesterday getting Homeseer (excellent product!) to talk to my CM11a X10 adapter.   If you’ve never seen one of these – it plugs into the mains and talks to the PC via a serial connection.

Simple – you might think!   However, not so simple when Homeseer is running on a virtual 2008 Hype-V machine!

Eventually got it going using a Lantronix EDS4100 serial over ethernet adapter.   The problem that stumped me for a while though – was that the CM11a needs to run at 4800 baud (not the 9600 default of the EDS).   Anyway – all up and running sweetly now 🙂


I still have a small issue of problems with Homeseer running as a service on 2008 – but from the Homeseer forums – looks like I’m not the only one with this issue.