Rand Fishkin over at SEOMoz has just posted an interesting article about how Google appear to be showing increasingly spammy entries in the SERPs.

While I agree with Rand’s conclusions, I thought it’d be interesting to compare the results with Bing so see if things are as just as bad?

Rand suggested that the following search terms provide spammy results when searching in Google:

  • SEO Software
  • Starcraft 2 Strategies
  • Birthday Party Supplies
  • Currency Trading Online
  • Tennis Racquet Reviews
  • Leather Crafting Supplies
  • Nanny Services
  • Home Business Ideas
  • French Doors
  • Vietnam Tours
  • Antioxidant Supplements
  • Home Espresso Machine Ratings
  • So I decided to run the same queries through both Google and Bing, then compare the results.

    What I found interesting is that when there isn’t much of an intersection in the results, it’s usually due to Bing listing more local (and less spammy) results than Google.  

    Take for instance the “Birthday Party Supplies” query.   Most results returned by Bing were to local suppliers.



    Unique To Google

    Unique To Bing

    Common To Both

    SEO Software 4 2 6
    Starcraft 2 Strategies 5 6 4
    Birthday Party Supplies 9 9 1
    Currency Trading Online 7 7 3
    Tennis Racquet Reviews 5 4 4
    Leather Crafting Supplies 5 4 5
    Nanny Services 9 8 1
    Home Business Ideas 5 6 4
    French Doors 8 6 2
    Vietnam Tours 8 8 2
    Antioxidant Supplements 6 6 4
    Home Espresso Machine Ratings 6 6 3


    The following Venn diagrams illustrate the overlap in the results.   Google results are shown as yellow and Bing results are shown as orange.


    SEO Software




    Starcraft 2 Strategies




    Birthday Party Supplies




    Currency Trading Online




    Tennis Racquet Review




    Leather Crafting Supplies




    Nanny Services




    Home Business Ideas





    French Doors




    Vietnam Tours





    Antioxidant Supplements




    Home Espresso Machine Ratings