Is your computer protected and updated?

Choosing the right protection and knowing what to look out for can be a challenge.  Let us help guide you in the right direction.

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Are you safe and secure online?

Did you know that 10% of sites on the Internet now contain malicious code that could infect your computer?!

Without the right protection you leave your computer open to getting infected, leading to annoying pop up windows, slow downs or much worse. You might think installing an AntiVirus is all you need to do, but there are several ways to protect your PC.


The first level of defence from Internet attackers


Continuously checking for unusual activity

Web Filter

Proactively protecting you from dangerous sites


Keeping vulnerabilities to a minimum

Introducing "Shield"

24x7 Continuous monitoring and protection of your computer, powered by the industry leading Bit-Defender AntiVirus engine.

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How fast is your Internet and how does it compare?

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The Internet is now a necessity, but is your connection fast enough for your needs? Give our connection checker a try to find out just how fast it is, and then find out if there are better options in your area.