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Looking to replace an old Windows 7 computer?

Do you have an old Windows 7 computer that you’re looking to replace?   Windows 7 is reaching “End-Of-Support” in January 2020.   This means that Microsoft will stop releasing updates for your computer.

Your computer will continue to work after this date, but any security vulnerabilities will no longer be fixed, potentially leaving it open to hackers.

Here’s a particularly good deal at the moment on a Dell Windows 10 machine that should be perfect for most people!

It’s a Core i5 processor with both a blazing fast SSD drive “and” a traditional large hard drive for storing all your photos/videos etc.

It also has a 1 year “in-home” warranty should you have problems.

Available to ship now for $700 (+tax/shipping)

(Refurbished) Dell Inspiron 660 Desktop

Reliable and fast – this Dell desktop computer has been upgraded with the latest SSD technology to make it fly!

Core I5 Processor
8GB Memory
Windows 10


(New) Crucial 500GB SSD

Supercharge your laptop or desktop by upgrading to a Solid State Drive.   You’ll be amazed by how much faster your computer is with one of these powering it.

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