Did you know, it’s possible to hide a user from the blue XP login screen without having to delete the actual account?

There are two ways to do this..


Edit the Registry

Click on Start, Run and then type regedit.exe and press return.

Navigate to :


Now add a new DWORD value with the the name of the user account you want to hide.

You can reveal the name again by deleting the DWORD value in the future.


Microsoft’s Tweak UI

Alternatively, you can use Microsoft’s free Tweak UI Power Tool to accomplish the same task.

Under the “Logon” section, you can select which accounts to show on the “Welcome Screen”.


Note that if at any point you want to still log in as the hidden user, press Ctrl-Alt+Delete twice while on the welcome screen and you’ll have a logon prompt where you can specify the username and password to log on as.