In a recent interview with Mike McDonald of Web Pro News, Matt Cutts discussed the current state of Google Caffeine – the search engine’s next major update.

Matt last discussed Caffeine last November when he reassured webmasters that it wouldn’t be rolled out over the holiday period.    This came as a relief to many ecommerce sites who were concerned that the new algorithm may affect their ranking during their busiest and most prosperous time of the year.

However, most SEOs expected Caffeine to roll out shortly after the New Year and have been suprised that there has been no mention of it – leading to rumours that Google have been experiencing problems with it.

Matt confirmed in the interview that they’re still on-track with the roll out and are just being cautious.   There is still currently only one datacenter running with the new Caffeine update, but he expects a European datacenter to follow soon.    He then expects full roll-out over the coming weeks/months – leaving the timescales still fairly vague.

For more on the story, and other Google news – you can watch the interview here:

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