Before we look at the results – a big thank you to @danmacdonald100 for stepping in on behalf of Eastlink to say they’re looking into the problem!

OK, the results are in and 24 people responded to the survey.   These results will hopefully be useful to both the Eastlink users and the Eastlink support representatives looking onto the problem.


Response By ISP

As you can see by the pie graph – 82.6% of responses were from Eastlink users.


Of the Bell Aliant users – none reported any current issues with Twitter (though this could be due to only users with problems taking the survey).



Response By Client

Of those users who reported problems – here is the breakdown of the clients they were using:


As you can see, there’s a fair spread across the clients with the Web interface seeing the greatest percentage



Locations Surveyed

Here’s the location of those who entered the survey:


As expected from the tweets seen so far – the location of the problem appears to center around Nova Scotia



DNS Provider Used

Here’s the results of which DNS providers were being used.


This surprised me by how many users weren’t using the ISP provided DNS servers.



Those Who Contacted Their ISP




Of those who experienced the problem – how many users contact the ISP:

Out of 24 people, only 3 contact the ISP directly.   There are two lessons here:

1) Contact your ISP directly if you see problems

2) The ISP should take more interest in Social Networking to interact with their customers


I’d say that #2 is the best take-away from this scenario.