Normally I write about all kinds of computer problems you’ll be facing on a day to day basis, however this time, I’m going to change tact and talk about a solution!


Every day I’m fixing the same problems, virus infections, slow computers, etc.  It pays the bills, but I’d much rather have a solution for customers that keeps them running and protected on a daily basis.   So, I’m excited to announce a new solution I’m going to start providing called “Shield”.


Shield is a program that runs in the background on your computer, continually checking for problems and either fixing them automatically or alerting me to them before they become an issue.   It also provides protection from scams and viruses before they can reach your computer.  I’m offering 3 levels of Shield support.

Let me explain how it works….

A program (called an Agent) is installed on your computer and every day runs through a series of checks.   For example, it’ll take a look through the log files on the computer looking for new warnings or errors.   It’ll take a look at the hard drive to see if it’s performing correctly.   It’ll check memory and disk space usage to make sure everything is within limits.   Even better, Shield will run automated maintenance tasks on your computer to keep it clean and healthy.  Customers are always asking if they should be running regular tasks, or getting the computer cleaned on a monthly basis – well now it’ll happen automatically.    All this for less than the price of a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte each month!

Taking this one step further, the next level of support includes automated patch management.   You’ll remember that in one of my articles, I explained how important it was to keep your computer updated.   This helps to fix any vulnerabilities that might leave you open to attack on the Internet.   Customers often report that they see a message warning them to update, but they’re not sure if it’s a legitimate warning or not.  Well Automated Patch Management will look after this for you.   It’ll keep checking for new updates and will automatically install them as they become available.

Now the next level is the one that has me the most excited!   This includes the automated patch management and monitoring/alerting, but adds two important layers of security to keep you protected online.  The first layer is a new technology called Web Filtering.   Web Filtering has a list of over 12 million malicious websites – and checks this list every time you visit a website to make sure it’s safe.    The blacklist of websites is continually kept updated to keep you protected from scams and attacks which might otherwise catch you out.    In addition to this, you also get Anti-Virus protection, which is powered by the industry leading BitDefender product.   This will scan your computer regularly and will be continually checked to ensure it’s up to date and working properly.

All of this comes together to give you (and me!) the peace of mind that your computer is properly protected and running smoothly.

You can find out more details about the different levels of protection at the following website:

As always – if you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the service – you can contact me at [email protected]

Until next time – safe and happy computing!