A commenter over at our post discussing the problems people are seeing with WiFi since upgrading to OS X Lion has posted a possible solution from Apple:


“I have a Macbook, and was experiencing the EXACT annoying problem. I called the apple support phone number and they gave me a solution to the problem and it finally works again!”

1. Go to system preferences and open or click Network

2. On the Wifi tab, click on Advanced button near the lower right corner

3. On the Wi-Fi tab go to the Preferred Networks box where it lists the networks your computer knows to connect to

4. Now delete all of the networks that you do not recognize, especially ones that may be in your apartment building or that your computer may be in range of. Make sure that your network is at the top of the list. You can drag them. The tech person said it was ok to have a couple other ones, but to make sure that mine was at the top of the list.

5. Click OK then apply. now try it out and see if it worked At first Safari gave me the same error message but about 3-5 seconds later it automatically loaded up my homepage. Then after 2 more times of shutting or putting my computer to sleep to test it, it started loading my homepage like normal again. I really hope this works for you because I know how enraging the problem is !


Let us know if this fix works for you!